Acrylic Paint Pens Fine Tip 12pc

Acrylic Paint Pens Fine Tip 12pc

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Write and draw on almost any surface with our Signature Acrylic Paint Pens. With smooth flowing paint, these pens are perfect for hand lettering, art and journaling.

Ideal for drawing on a range of materials including card, canvas, rocks, pottery, plastic, metal and paper (they can also be used over dry acrylic, gouache and watercolour paintings)

Includes 12 opaque colours that look great on light and dark surfaces
Fine bullet tip (1mm)

Perfect for hand lettering, journaling, art, illustration and craft projects
Acid free, water-based paint that creates smooth and flowing lines
Waterproof and UV resistant once dry


Make sure surface is clean and dry
Shake well
Press tip down several times to start paint flow
Replace lid when not in use

Note: Results on different surfaces may vary. Test patch recommended before use.