Adult Colouring Duo Markers 24pce

Adult Colouring Duo Markers 24pce

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24 x 0.8mm (0.03in) fine tip markers
24 x 3.75mm (0.15in) brush tip markers
Fast flowing ink
Enclosed in a hard plastic case
Lid colour indicates ink colour
Our Signature Duo Markers come in 24 great colours. The fine tip creates beautiful crisp and clean lines while the brush tip is for smooth even colour. A must for any artist creating drawings, technical work or illustrations. They can also be used for colouring small detailed areas.

WARNING: Avoid applying excessive pressure to the nibs when colouring as this can result in damage to the delicate fibre of the markers.

Usage Tips:

Press with light strokes on both the brush end and fine tip pen.
Use the brush tip for light, feathery strokes.
The fine tip nib can be used for detailing or fine work. Keep the fine tip at a 45 degree angle when colouring in or writing, and use it as you would a regular pen, without pushing down too firmly.
Replace caps gently after use, taking care to not hit the inside of the cap with the pen tips.