Pouring Acrylic 120ml 4pc - Coral

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The creators at Mont Marte have done it again with their stunning range of Premium Pouring Acrylic Paint that will make creating your acrylic pours a breeze. This ultra-flowy paint is pre-mixed for you so you don't need to focus on recipes and ratios and can get straight to creating!
Acrylic pouring has become such a popular technique in the art world in recent years and products like the Mont Marte Premium Pouring Acrylic Paint are making this stunning technique accessible and easy for everyone so you too can create beautiful fluid works in your very own home.
This easy-to-use product comes in a set of 4 highly-pigmented, bright 'Coral' colours so you can create stunning pours that look just like the warm-toned hues that lie beneath the deep on the ocean floor.
Instructions for use: just pour!

- Pre-mixed and ready to pour
- Comes in a range of bright, vivid colours
- Lucid, easy-pour formula that flows seamlessly creating stunning marbled effects
- 4 pack of 120ml bottles in coral-themed colours