Pouring Acrylic 60ml 4pc - Symphony

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Create your own fluid art with this set of 4 amazing colours!

These pouring paints are pre-mixed so all you need to do is pour them onto a canvas or board to make a masterpiece.

- Ideal for acrylic pouring and fluid art
- Pre-mixed and ready to pour
- 4 colours in 60ml (2oz) easy-pour bottles: Turquoise, Lamp Black, Bronze, Orange
- Smooth flow with stunning results
- Can be mixed with silicone oil to create cells
- Get experimenting, create some beautiful homemade artworks and have a whole lot of fun along the way. To learn more about this funky art form, check out our blogs on fluid art: How to Avoid Muddy Colours in Your Acrylic Pour and How to Achieve a Resin Gloss Finish Without Resin.

Note: Due to pre-mixing, some paint separation may occur, so always be sure to shake that bottle well before use.